Boleslaw Rusiecki

Boleslaw Rusiecki (1824–1913) – the son of the famous alumnus of the Vilnius school of art, painter, and arts teacher Kanutas Ruseckas, is less known than his father, leaving behind him a remarkable legacy of creative works (a substantial part of the works is held by the Lithuanian Art Museum). B. Ruseckas learned painting from his father, he studied at the Petersburg Art Academy in 1843 to 1850 under the supervision of such painters as K. Briullov and F. Bruni. During his studies he focussed on portrait paintings. In 1850, a portrait painted from life earned him the name of a free artist of the Petersburg Art Academy. Later the painter honed his skills in Rome, eventually settling in Vilnius after his studies abroad. B. Ruseckas’ works are attributed to the academic line. The key means of expression typical of his works is a drawing highlighting the figures and constructing the composition, the voluminous modelling of forms, and a streamlined even painting technique levelling out individual strokes of paint.

Reference: Act of an expert opinion, 2 December 2014, Vilnius: Vilnius Academy of arts. Signed by Dr (HP) Rūta Janonienė.