A Mounted Shooter
A Mounted Shooter

A Mounted Shooter

Author: Galdikas Adomas, 1893 - 1969

Created: 1910-1920.

Material / technique: ink, pen.

Dimensions: 17.5x23.2 cm.

"Mounted Archer" - a picture from the collection of works of the famous diplomat and writer Ignas Šeinius (1889-1959).

This  work is interesting because it is a very early work of the artist, most probably even from the time of his studies at the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz Academy. This small size drawing in ink is very rich from a semantic perspective. The work is of narrative character and must be an illustration to a folk tale, while from the stylistic viewpoint it gives rise to the associations with the artists from the Russian group Mir Iskusstva (The world of art). 

Reference: Catalogue of the XIX Vilnius Auction, Vilnius, 2011, P. 12.