Wladyslaw Leszczynski

Władysław Leszczyński (1852-1916) – watercolour artist, painter and writer. He was born on 7 May 1852 in Chornyi Ostriv in Podol, died on 3 December 1916 in Vilnius. He completed gymnasium in Kamianets in Podol, then studied at the Drawing School of Warsaw. For some time, he lived in the Caucasus, then in the Crimea and Volhynia Region. Since 1907, he lived in Vilnius. He created paintings, landscapes and portraits reflecting historical stories. In Vilnius, he created and restored church paintings.Some of the paintings associated with the history of Vilnius were reproduced in the postcards printed by Borkovskis. He collaborated with the press of that time and illustrated his texts himself. He participated in the exhibitions of the Lithuanian Art Society held during 1907-1909 and in 1912.

Reference: Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System (LIMIS).