Vladas Eidukevičius

Vladas Eidukevičius (1891–1941)spent his youth in Riga, and later moved to Kaunas. But the temporary capital of Lithuania was stifling for the young artist who had been used to a big city. He missed sunshine and good art most of all. He could find these on his journeys around Europe, usually in the south. But Kaunas kept attracting him back. Each time he returned, he had to raise money to escape from the city again. According to his contemporaries, Eidukevičius was an eccentric, cut off from life, but he always managed to find patrons. He even had regular patrons, including Stasys Šilingas, a lawyer and politician. Jokes circulated about his unsolicited portraits which he foisted off on to the people he portrayed, but his still-lifes were always in great demand. His pictures of flowers painted in various sizes and in various styles can be found in private collections, and some have been acquired by museums.

Reference: Art Album “Objects on show”. Compiled by G. Jankevičiūtė. Vilnius, ELLEX VALIUNAS, 2017, P. 46.

V. Eidukevičius was an exceptionally talented artist, a man of original thought and an art fanatic whose every work is of a particular value as it reflects the spirit of the artist. He built the composition of his works based on the laws of classical art, but painted in a modern manner using new artistic ways of expression in painting. V. Eidukevičius succeeded in finding a balance between the classical legacy and impressionistic expression. He was fond of landscapes and attempted to render the impressions of mood and space in them. He used an original way to create the illusion of space: he painted the foreground with large colourful patches and pastozic strokes and painted the background with smaller patches and finer strokes, and then covered the whole surface with “dry” strokes, which create a vibrant facture like the impressionist manner.

Reference: Art album "The World of Landscapes" (Volume I). Compiled by N. Tumėnienė. Vilnius, LAWIN, 2010, P. 184.