Kazimieras Plateris - Zyberg

Kazimieras Plateris was born in 1879 near Daugavpils and died in 1964 in New York, USA. He was a descendant of the famous Plateriai family, who owned manors in Lithuania, Poland and the then territory of Latvia. Father – Jonas Plateris, mother – Henrika Julija Fabijan of the Hutten-Czapski family.During 1900-1903, he studied at the Vilnius School of Drawing and Painting, since 1904 – in Munich, with Hermann Groeber and Rudolf Schwan-Zittau. In 1906-1907, 1909 and 1912, he was a member of the Munich Art Creators Society. He travelled in Europe extensively. The famous landscapes of that period include “At the Lake of Four Cantons” (Zurich Museum), “Alpine Mountains” and others. Since 1914, he actively participated in exhibitions: in Warsaw in 1914, in Vilnius in 1915 and 1932, in Poznan in 1918, also in Munich and Zurich. He had a good command of the post-impressionist palette and, above all, was famous as a landscaper. Beside landscape, he painted still life and portraits. His works are part of German, Polish, Swiss and private collections, also are sold at German and Polish art auctions.