Česlovas Strebeika

Česlovas Strebeika lived in Vilnius during the interwar period, which at that time was incorporated into Poland. He was an amateur painter, and ran a framing workshop on Vilniaus Street. Conscious of his Lithuanian nationality, he criticised the policies of the local administration, and its discrimination against and persecution of his countrymen. Therefore, when Vilnius was returned to Lithuania in 1939 under an agreement with the Soviet Union, and the Grand Duke Gediminas First Infantry Regiment marched into the city on October 29 and hoisted the Lithuanian tricolour flag on the tower of Gediminas’ Castle, he cheered along with all the other Lithuanian residents of the city.

Reference: Art album Vilnius. Topophilia (Volume I). Compiled by L. Laučkaitė. Vilnius, LAWIN, 2014, I volume, P. 72.