Stefan Narsbski

The Vilnius architect Stefan Narębski (1892–1966) studied at a specialised gymnasium in Vilnius, and before the First World War he attended the Civil Engineering Institute in St Petersburg and the Polytechnic Institute in Warsaw. He settled in Vilnius in 1928, and worked as a city architect, teaching at Stephen Báthory University until 1939. He designed residential buildings and a school in Antakalnis, restored the Bishops’ Palace, and designed royal sarcophagi for the cathedral crypt. After the Second World War, he left for Poland, and lived in Warsaw. In 1932, Narębski painted a watercolour of the view of the banks of the Neris from Karoliniškės. He conveyed the details very precisely: the sandy banks of the river, the crumbling slopes with fir trees slipping down them, and the bridge over the Neris in the distance. 

Reference: Art album "Vilnius. Topophilia" (Volume I). Compiled by L. Laučkaitė. Vilnius, LAWIN, 2014, P. 314.