Alfonsas Dargis

After writing a diploma paper on Lithuanian wedding customs, Alfonsas Dargis (1909–1996), a graduate of Kaunas School of Art, received a grant from the Ministry of Education to study as a postgraduate at Vienna Academy of Art. He studied stage design and artistic leather processing, returning to Lithuania in 1939 to work as a teacher at the Kaunas State School of Crafts. He also designed posters and books. He joined the exodus to Germany in 1941 in order to escape from the Soviets, and worked as a stage designer in Berlin, Teplitz and Eizenach. When Germany occupied Lithuania he returned to Kaunas, but did not stay for long, and left to work in Austria. During the war years in Vienna, he made several decorative compositions, developing the theme of Lithuanian customs. In his pictures, idealised villagers encounter frightening fantasy characters taken from folklore.

Reference: "More Than Just Beauty. The Image of Woman in the LAWIN collection." Compiled by G. Jankevičiūtė. Vilnius, LAWIN, 2012., Kat. No. 201, P. 220.